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The Veyangoda Research Lesson
(Introducing students to Polygons and their properties)
The Veyangoda group consisted of the following specialists and teachers.
(Veyangoda Teachers designing the lesson)
Content Specialists
(1) K.A.A. Indika
(2) Vajira A. Manatunge

(1) Mr. J.M.D. Jayawardene
(2) Mr. S.P.N. Sandagiri
(3) Ms. G.K.N. Deepika
(4) Ms. K. R. Himali Priyadarshini

This group prepared Two Lessons and met six times to discuss, design and evaluate the lessons. The meetings took place at Lakdas College in Kurunegala.

Lesson 1 was conducted at the Maliyadeva Model School Kurunegala.
Lesson 2 was conducted at Holy Family Convent Kurunegala.

  (Students creating posters)  
  Lesson 1: On introducing students to polygons.  
Students were broken in to six groups.

Step 2
Each group was given an identical set of figures. Some of the shapes were polygons and other shapes were non-polygons which look somewhat like polygons (shapes with curved sides, open figures etc.) and asked to classify them in to groups.

Step 3
Students classified them used various criteria. Each group was asked to pin the classified shapes in to boards and asked to present the classifications to the other groups. Some classifications had polygons and non-ploygons nicely classified in to two while others did not.

Step 4
The teacher then encouraged the teams to discover the polygon- non- polygon classification themselves and the students redid the activity

Step 4
Finally the teacher chose the group which came closest to the expected result and used their display of shapes to teach the properties of polygons.

Lesson 2
Using the mistakes and shortcomings of the lesson done, the teachers improved the lesson and again presented it to the students

Short term lesson goals achieved
• The students themselves discovered “what a polygon is” and the names and the properties of polygons in contrast to being “lectured” on them.

• The teachers of the Veyangoda central College, for the first time, learnt to meet and work as teams.

Long term goal expected
• Students to develop communication and work as a team

• Teachers to learn the importance of “designing” a lesson

• Teachers to get used to the concept of “open door classroom”