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  Lesson study in Sri Lanka  

The concept of Lesson Study was first brought in to Sri Lanka in 2006, through a project conducted at the University of Colombo. The resources person in charge of the project was Dr. Rajee Amarasinghe , Assistant Professor, California State University Fresno, who was spending his sabbatical at the University of Colombo. Dr. Kirthi Premadasa of University of Colombo worked as the Sri Lankan coordinator of the whole lesson study initiative.

To energize Lesson Study in Sri Lanka, a six month startup project was conducted from January to June 2006

An overview of the six month startup project

As first step, with help of the Ministry of Education, 36 teachers were selected from the following districts in Sri Lanka.

  1. Colombo
2. Gampaha
3. Rathnapura
4. Monaragala
5. Kurunagala
  The workshop consisted on three phases  
  Phase 01  

The teachers went through a 5-day full time workshop where the Japanese Lesson Study modal was comprehensively taught. At the workshop the teachers were divided in to six groups.

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The following concepts were covered.

1. Introduction to the Student Centered Education System
2. Principals of Lesson Study
3. Use of Mathematical learning tools such as Algebra tiles, Geo Pads etc.. and software tools such as Geometer’s Sketch pad

On each day a problem was discussed, called “The Problem of the day” and teachers were asked to present the problem as if presenting to an actual classroom, using multimedia equipment.

A team of Senior and Junior Content specialists from the staff of the Department of Mathematics also participated in the workshop

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  Phase 02  

After the five day workshop, the group of teachers went back their respective schools scattered around the country and over the next four month, developed taught, critiqued, redesigned and taught again and again until the research lesson was perfected. During the four months, the senior and junior content specialists participated and supported the teachers who were preparing the lessons.

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  Phase 03  
At the end of the five months, the teachers were invited back to the University of Colombo where they attended the closing workshop.
Here, a presentation was made by Mrs. Jane Wentzen, a lesson study expert from the Fresno Unified school district and each group of teachers made presentation about their lessons and their collaborate experiences.

All teachers agreed that the whole lesson study project provided the teachers with a really good idea about how a lesson must be prepared. They also told that for the first time in their lives they understood what a student centric classroom was and the benefit of such a classroom.

They also said that they felt their students understood a lot more through a lesson prepared using a lesson study model.

The teachers also express excitement at their first introduction to an "open door classroom" and said that one of the main benefits of the whole expereince was that for the first time, teachers in a particular district met together and teamworked.

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