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  Sabaragamuwa Lesson study project to introduce Lesson study to 500 schools  

Triggered and motivated by the six month energizing workshop, a major development to place in one of Sri Lanka's largest provinces, the Sabaragamuwa Province. The province which more than 100 schools under its belt, took a massive initiative to introduce Mathematics Lesson study to 500 schools in the province during a two-year period.

(map of Sri Lanka showing the provinces. Sabaragamuwa is colored in Magenta) Saba

This project will be coordinated by the Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo, The Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council and CSU Fresno's Department of Mathematics.

The project consists of three Phases

Phase 1: Twenty Four teachers selected from around the province (representing 24 schools scattered around the province)will act as trainers and a unique video-training workshop was held to train these trainers where resource persons from CSU, Fresno joined in with Video Conferencing with resource persons from University of Colombo and the Sabaragamuwa province to train the 24 teachers in a four-day workshop (Successfully conducted on 14th,15th,28th and 29th October).

Click here to see the 4 day video-con workshop

The teachers then went back to ther schools and the teacher groups conducted research lessons in their respective schools

Click here to see the teacher groups and the research lessons.

Phase 2: The 24 teachers, once trained will get five neighboring schools involved in to the lesson Study initiative , creative a number 120 schools doing active lesson study projects (scheduled for February 2007 implementation)

Phase 3: The 120 teachers will act as motivators and trainers to introduce lesson study to 500 schools in the province by 2008