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In Collaboration With
California State University
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The Kurunegala Research Lesson
(Introducing students to Parallelograms)
(Kurungela teachers designing lessons with junior content specialists)

Content Specialists from University of Colombo
1 . U.P. Liyanage
2. P.M. Edirisinghe

The Kurunegla group consisted of the following teachers

Name School
Mr L.D. Perera D.B. Welagedera Central College Kurunegala
S.J. Gallage Lakdas College Kurunegala
R.G.A. Wijerathne Holy Family Convent Kurunegala
Ms M.P.D. Karunarathne Udabadalawa Maha Vidyalaya
Ms P.M.R. Kumari Rathmalgoda College Polgahawela
H.D.P.N. Alwis Maliyadeva Model College Kurunegala
This group prepared Two Lessons and met six times to discuss, design and evaluate the lessons. The meetings took place at Lakdas College in Kurunegala.

Lesson 1 was conducted at the Maliyadeva Model School Kurunegala.

Lesson 2 was conducted at Holy Family Convent Kurunegala.

Lesson 1 : On introducing students to parallelograms.
Lesson 2: A refinement on Lesson 1 after peer evaluation and feedback


  (Students at work)  
Students were broken in to groups

Step 2
Students were sticks (made with coconut leaves) of two different sizes and were then asked to make as many four-sided shapes as possible with these.

Step 3
Students were then asked to separate these using any logical criteria that they wished in to two groups.

Step 4
Each group oif students were asked to present their classification to the class and put them up on the board.

  (Students puuting up their work on the board)  
  Based on the classification,

Step 5
The teacher then selected the classifications that used the rule “ those will parallel sides go in to one group and others to the other group”.

Step 6
The teacher then introduced the shape called “square” and showed the shape in the different posters of the students and got the students themselves to identify the properties of a square.

  (Teacher explaining Parallelograms through student work)  
  Lesson 2
Using the mistakes and shortcomings of the lesson done, the teachers improved the lesson and again presented it to the students

Short term lesson goals achieved
• The students themselves discovered the names and the properties of four-sided shapes, rather than “learn” it in a non-student centric classroom
• Learnt to work as a team
• The teachers of different schools in the ditrict, for the first time, learnt to meet and work as teams.

Long term goal expected
• Students to develop communication and work as a team
• Teachers to learn the importance of “designing” a lesson
• Teachers to get used to the concept of “open door classroom”.