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The Five-Day Introductory Workshop
Thirty six teachers were selected by the Ministry of Education representing six regions of Sri Lanka and were invited to attend a five day workshop to understand the concept and methodology of Japanese lesson Study.
(The teachers who attended the workshop pictured outside the Mathe Department of University of Colombo)
The teachers went through a 5-day full time workshop where the Japanese Lesson Study modal was comprehensively taught. At the workshop the teachers were divided in to six groups.

The following concepts were covered.

1. Introduction to the Student Centered Education System
2. Principals of Lesson Study
3. Use of Mathematical learning tools such as Algebra tiles, Geo Pads etc.. and software tools such as Geometer's Sketch pad . It should be noted that this was the first time that group of teachers in Sri Lanka were used to such Mathematical teaching and learning aids

On each day a problem was discussed, called “The Problem of the day” and teachers were asked to present the problem as if presenting to an actual classroom, using multimedia equipment.

  (Kurunegala Group solving the "Problem of the day" problem)  
  (The Wellawaya group doing an activity)  
A team of Senior and Junior Content specialists from the staff of the Department of Mathematics also participated in the workshop.
The introduction of teaching aids such as Algebra Tiles, Geo pads and software such as the Geometer's sketchpad made a large impact on the teachers and is sure to spread around to the students across the country.
  (Veyangoda group using Geo Pads)  
(Teachers getting introduced to the Geometer's sketchpad)