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Lesson Study is a very simple idea. If you want to improve classroom instruction, the change has to be teacher-driven and student-focused. Lesson Study model has been found to be one of the key component for the impressive mathematical performance of the Japanese students in international mathematics achievement studies. Lesson Study has gained the acceptance as an effective model for Professional development and instructional improvement. It spread rapidly in United States of America since 1999.

Lesson Study was introduced to Sri Lanka in 2006, by Professor Rajee Amarasinghe from California State University, Fresno through a six-month long project conducted by the Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo. Dr. Kirthi Premadasa from The Department of Mathematics coordinated this multi Phase project with the support from mathematics department faculty. Mr. W.M. Pragnadarshana from faculty of education collected research data on teacher change. Thirty six teachers from around the country participated in the project. Both teachers and students alike embraced the concept of lesson study heartily. The academic staff of the Department of Mathematics, lead by the Head, Mr. Chanakya Wijerathne provided total support with resources and infrastructure.





A Major New Development! (Sabaragamuwa Lesson study Project)

(Lesson study to expand to 500 schools in Sri Lanka's Sabaragamuwa Province)

Arising from the momentum created from this startup workshop, the provincial council of Sabaragamuwa put forward a proposal to University of Colombo and California State University, Fresno to help them expand the lesson study model to 500 schools in the Sabaragamuwa Province

Click here to find out about the six month startup project

Click here to find about the Sabaragamuwa Lesson study Project (New)


Five Day Workshop
Thirty six teachers were selected by the Ministry of Education representing six regions of Sri Lanka and were invited to attend a five day workshop to understand the concept and methodology of Japanese lesson Study.
Lessons study in Sri Lanka
The concept of Lesson Study was first brought in to Sri Lanka in 2006, through a project conducted at the University of Colombo. The resources person in charge of the project was...
Sabaragamuwa Lesson Study Project
In a remarkable development, the Provincial Council of the Sabaragamuwa Province, a large province in Sri Lanka, embarked on a massive project to spread Lesson study to 500 schools in the district. This project started with a 4-week video conferencing workshop
Lessons of the six month Startup Project
Lessons of the Sabaragamuwa Project
Teacher Groups of the six month Startup project
Teacher Groups of the Sabaragamuwa Project